Pete Drummond with Tommy and Billy Hill

Tommy and Billy Hill with Paul and Jan Walkeden

Paul Walkeden

Teresa and Terry Andrews with Pop

Reg Howitt and John Sanson ?????

David Ingram and his wife sitting with Arthur Deamers Daughter

John Dunmore his wife David Ingram and his wife and the ladies in front

Helen Simpson and Chris Harpin

Brenda Hunt with The wife of Barry Archer

Bill Harris

Ron Porter with Print Master Barry Archer

Henry Peet with John Hilton

Tony Angell Keith Bishop and Peter Bloor in the background

Peter Bloor John Hilton Charleton Tony Angel Tony Toynton Peter Bloors son in law

MacAndrew House Captain Neville Fletcher with MacAndrew Boys Brian Perrier and Peter Drummond

Len Harpin presenting the Barnardo Award to Joan James

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John Horn sitting with Jon Parsons

Helen Simpson with Len Harpin and his wife Chris