The Goldings Footpath


One of the many proposals published in the Society's "Greenfingers Report" was to establish a footpath through the wood on the
Goldings estate lying to the west of the A 602 road to Stevenage.
Approaches were made to the Herts County Council, owners of the estate, and our early discussions were very friendly and helpful.
The line of the path agreed was from a point just beyond the second bridge (after the Bramfield Rd turning, going north from Hertford),
proceeding through the wood into the Goldings drive, along the drive for 150 yards and then veering right across the field into
Waterford by the church.
Our proposal was approved by the County Highways Committee and a working party was organised to open up the path through the
wood. Practical details were discussed with the Council's Countryside officers, Mr Peter Lawrence and Mr Richard Brown, who very
kindly provided the tools for the job.
On a fine Sunday morning in April. We cleared the way through the wood and dug the necessary holes for the stile by lunchtime. The
stile was erected by Mr Brown and his voluntary helper.
The path is now available for use and we must record our grateful thanks to the County Council and all the officers concerned for the
ready cooperation in achieving one of our objectives. It must be emphasized that the path is not a public one and should be regarded
as a
"permissive path" by courtesy of the Council, It is a most pleasant walk with glimpses river through the trees

Through the woods

Over the Bridge

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Over the next Bridge

Sharp right by the Tennis Courts and Swimming Pool

Goldings Lane

On my last visit this year, there’s now a further development to this footpath, which now extends along past our Cricket Bench’s
around the back of the Chapel and up past top field into Bramfield Lane, and there were many ramblers enjoying this walk
when I did it with some of them. Dave.