Photographs throughout the years of the Dining Room at Goldings

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Page Compiled September 2008

Mike Jarvis in the Dining Room 1950-53

Note: In earlier years the dining tables went the opposite direction to when I was there in the 60s, and sergeants were in charge
of each table, as opposed to House Captains and Prefects in the 60s

It looks like half way up the wall around the Dining Room was Tiled?

There dosenít look much Grogg and Ginnaís on this table.

In this picture the tables are turned the way I remember them.

Is this Mr Appleyard (The Chaplain) serving from the hot plate?

The new look of the 60s. Metal French windows,
and the tiles have been removed?

Many thanks to the people who have donated these pictures to help create this page.