Page Compiled June 2008

All images and text copyright © to Goldings Old Boys reunion members


The Archway was severely damaged by builders

A view from the Archway window

Somerset and Cairns bedrooms

Rear entrance to the Kitchen

Sickbay no longer

Another view looking from the
archway towards Somerset bedrooms

Another view of what was once Sickbay

Foundations for the new bungalow (Sickbay)

Hole in the wall, now contains
dustbins for the Estate

Table tennis and Assembly rooms

Note they haven’t matched the new brickwork with the old

The road moved over to were the school block was by the Gym
Print shop and Carpenters Shop in the background

Were the swimming pool was in the 20s and 30s
Controlled by a sluice gate which filled
it up with water from the river

Staff stairs leading to Somerset

in the passageway leading to the kitchens

No longer a bench to sit on when we arrived

The Grand Hallway leading to Pinheads Quarters

Unsure? “Had to make quick exit, security coming”

Pinheads Study waiting to be interviewed

Bay window in a bedroom

This is the door we went out of
when we had our pocket money

I think this is the Staff dining room ? Over to you Pop!

Doorway leading to the Assembly room

Somerset bathroom window left of centre