The story as I heard it at my first reunion 2003, from Mike, and
Johnny Leach who happened to be with him at that fateful reunion.

After enjoying a very good reunion a couple of years ago in the
Salisbury Arms some of the boys wanted to carry on the celebrating
and the proprietor of the Salisbury (a very good friend in those days )
gave them the keys and told them to lock up after themselves.
By the end of the night they all toddled off to bed slightly inebriated!
Waking in the early hours needing the loo, Mike took a wrong turning
and mistook the window for the toilet leaning against the window
without realising it was open, suddenly finding himself on the floor
outside the Salisbury Arms Starkers, An ambulance was called and Mike
was rushed to Hospital, On getting there they realised he had an arm
missing, the hospital having no idea that Mike was born minus the arm,
the Police were sent back to look for the arm, as a dog was seen at the
incident they were looking for a dog with an arm. Once Mike and his
friends had sobered up everything was explained.
Turning up to collect him from hospital in a tiny car Mike, crutches and
all struggled to squeeze in. Johnny had us all in stitches!!

It could only happen to a Goldings Boy.

Mike took a coach of friends every year to
Wimbledon because he had been a Ball Boy
there during his time at Goldings.

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Much has been said and written about Michael Jarvis since his untimely death, but on behalf of "The Friends" I would like to say how
much we miss him and his knowledge and advice, to say nothing of his wicked sense of humour.
Michael was always willing to offer advice and to share with people the little "wrinkles" that he had learned over the years to overcome
problems and it became almost a challenge to try to catch him out and ask for some obscure item that we felt sure he couldn't possibly
Have in stock. Over many years, I have to admit that it was very rarely that we beat him.
When we were asked to produce at short notice a float for the New Years Day Parade in London, we went to Michael to get the materials
and when he knew what it was for, he gave us the use of his workshop for several days. Michael, Paul his son and Peter who worked in
the shop for more years than I can remember, were brilliant, helping us cut out the "Windmills" for the float.
Having served the community for over 30 years, Michael had finally decided to retire and he and Marion were looking forward to at last
being able to take a holiday together. It was a cruel blow that he was then taken ill.
Michael, Paul and Peter will be much missed by us all. Where now can you go when you want to replace an odd spring or an unusual
bolt or to get advice? An era has passed but we give our thanks to his family, Marion, Paul, Nigel, Sharon and Michelle.
The photograph of the shop was taken about twelve years ago and shows Michael and shop as many of us remember it. The premises
have been bought by Roomes Stores and will remain as an outlet to clear surplus furniture.

Richard Moorey (Friend)

Mike Jarvis Goldings School Captain

Mikes Children pay a tribute to their dad

Throughout the lifetime of Goldings, William Baker Technical School was to
witness many interesting characters, and Mike was most certainly one of these.
Below is a short summary of his life by one of his many friends, he made after

Whilst his family were Devonians, his mother was living 'In the London area' at the
time of his birth in 1936 but, as he was born without right forearm or hand, she gave
him over to Barnardo's In Barkingside,

thence to Kelvedon and on to Much Wenlock for his senior schooling.
Finishing school, he was transferred to Goldings in Hertfordshire to
learn the trade of carpentry but his problems were only just beginning
for, despite approaching firms all over the place, it seemed that no one
was prepared to employ a one-armed carpenter. Finally, G.B. Derrick,
gave him a chance and he took up lodgings at the top of St Lawrence
Marion, his widow, remembers a good-looking, one-armed young man
repairing locks at her school, Gaynes, but it was not until several years
later, when Mick was sent to replace some windows in her family home
in Lime Avenue and Marion was at College, that they met and he asked
her for a date. In no time, they were engaged and married in 1962. Not
forgetting his roots, their wedding breakfast was in the open air at
Kelvedon Barnardo's with 340 guests-many of you will have seen the
photo in Jarvo's window. Prior to this, Micheal had decided, in his early
20s, to set up business on his own account in a carpenter's 'shop' which
he created at the rear of Lewis's wireless shop in St Lawrence Road,
opposite his lodgings and, in order to do so, he had to obtain his birth
certificate. This is when he discovered, unbelievably, that he had been
born at 129 St Mary's Lane, opposite St Laurence's Church, in whose
graveyard he now lies buried. His gratitude to Barnardo's has been
life-long as Marion tells me that, from the early days of their marriage,
and on and off right through, they fostered Barnardo boys, all part of
their growing family. In 1983 Lewis's, closed and, after G. B. Derrick
had converted it to D.I.Y and run it for two years, Michael took over and
opened as Jarvo's D.I.Y which, I suppose, most of us visited at some time
for materials for our home jobs. More importantly for un-handy folk like
myself, one could always rely upon getting good advice on how to tackle
a problem, not only from the governor himself but also from Peter
Wellington, who joined Mick 39 years ago in the carpentry business and
also, for the past 12 years, from Paul, Mick's son nothing was ever too
much trouble.
With Mick's death and the closing of the business at the end of July,
Upminster is losing a wealth of wisdom. It was, perhaps, the fact of having a close knit family home, but being raised in the wider
assembly of Barnardo's Homes, that made Michael such a family man himself. Marion and he had 2 sons and 2 daughters and, in time
they became proud grandparents of 11 youngsters; Mike's pride in these was evident when he spoke of them. His early life also
probably accounts for Mick's charitable work, principally in Rotary, with whom he has been involved over the years in raising large
sums for many good causes.
The closure of the business is not due to Mick's passing as he had decided to retire and had already sold the premises to Roomes. What is
sad, however, is that Marion and Mick had planned a world cruise, finishing in Australia where Marion has several sisters and other
relatives but Jarvo's death, on Fathers Day 17 June, forestalled this. May he rest in peace and rise in glory.
Sadly we bid farewell t our old friend, Jarvo.
Ken Hay (Friend)

Farm Hill 1936 Kelvedon

This picture was a tear jerker to sell Barnardo’s

Farm Hill Kelveden

(Mike is extreme right with some of his friends)

Much Wenlock

Mike is 6th from the left on the back row

Mike in the Carpenters Shop at Goldings

Mike in the Dining room at Goldings

This is Mike while recovering from a Reunion
held at the Salisbury Arms a few years ago.

Mike outside his shop in St Lawrence Road