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This year a great improvement is taking place in the Carpentry and Cabinet-makers department of Goldings. The partition which
divided the carpenters' office and the theory class room has been taken down to make one room. This room is now being used to house
machine tools. Our lathe has already been installed and an electric grindstone. An electric circular saw and drill are also going to be
All the old tool racks have been taken, away and replaced by tool boxes which each boy now has to take care of. Some of the senior
boys have a new set of tools which they will take away with them when they go out to work. There are about ^n worth of tools in each
A store has been built at the far end of the shop; this is used for the storing of tool boxes, special tools, nails, screws etc. This store was
made by the boys and the interior fittings such as shelves, etc. were done by Mr. Farnham.
The carpenters' department has been divided into two sections, one under Mr. Howell and the other under "Mr. Broster. Mr. Tempest is
head of both departments and Mr. Farnham teaches the cabinet-makers. A small door has been inset into one of the big double doors;
this is now the main entrance.
Exterior decorating has been done by Messrs. Brooks and Ibbotson, the school painters. Ml this is being done to improve our work
which is the main reason for our being here. Each individual boy must aim to, reach the high standards which have been set by the
boys in the past. We must live up to the school motto, "The End Crowns The Work".
Goldonian Summer 1951

The Carpenters had a very good display of things made by the boys in that department consisting of a very realistic model of the
new art room block which is being built by their department; a small coffee oak table by K. Gill; a pair of garden or garage gates by
M. Rose; a modern bookstand of walnut grown on our estate by D. Thompson; an ironing board by A. Lang, and a lady's needlework
box of mahogany by M. Clewer and two filing cabinets also made by M. Rose. These are just a few of the various things made by the
boys in the Carpenters' Department that were in the Exhibition.

Painters and Decorators


Goldonian June 1942

Working with the tools or
below with the machinery

Play-pen for the Royal baby

As most of our readers will know,
Dr Barnardo’s Homes are privileged to have as their President,
Her Royal Highness The Princess Margaret.
To convey our pleasure at the birth of a son to Her Royal Highness,
a play-pen was made in the Carpenters shop at Goldings and
presented to her on behalf of all the boys and girls of the Homes.
Barry Hyland made the play-pen from Beech Mahogany and Birch
woods, and when open it takes the shape of a Hexagon.
The floor covering that fits inside was made and embroidered by
Doreen, one of the senior girls who lives at our Girls Hostel Earls
Court, London.
The picture shows Barry giving a final polish before handing over.

H. W. T. Goldonian 1961