I entered Goldings in September 1955 after four enjoyable years at
Barkingside, having gone there from The Garden City at Woodford
Bridge, which was my first experience of life in Barnardo's.
My junior years were spent in Pelham House and carpentry was my
trade but I later transferred to Boot and shoe making but continued
my interest in Carpentry at evening classes. My senior years were
spent in Buxton.
As a Polio sufferer I had leg irons, surgical boot & walked with a limp.
I had the nick name of "Gammy". And was also known as "Banger"
( after the penny banger firework) "The Demon".
Despite my disability, I enjoyed playing football, cricket, swimming
and was encouraged to do so and on one occasion, swam for the house
at the school swimming gala My hobbies were model makings,
Painting by watercolour and I always had a camera ( but it's strange
that I have no photo's from my days at Golding ).
Pinhead encouraged my painting and once gave me a canvas and some
oil paints to do a painting inside the church.
Christmas time was nice because Skip Culver would get me to paint
all the merry Christmas posters to hang around the School.
I enjoyed taking part in the school concerts & plays and well remember taking the leading role in the "Bishops Candlesticks.
I was also a member of the Church choir and sometimes read the lesson and on a couple of occasions played the Piano at Evensong in
the absence of the organist. My friends included Mac Lang, Bill Charlton Terry Whitehead and David Barlow.
On leaving Goldings in January 1959 I returned to live with my stepmother and father in Nottingham and secured a job in a local shoe
repairing shop.
I often re-visited Goldings and cycled from Nottingham ( which made Pin Heads hair stand on end and that took some doing !!! )
He even sent me a Railway time table once.
My upbringing at Goldings and Barnardo's in general has played a big part in my life and my woodworking and leather work skills
have always kept me in employment.
I have One Daughter, Kerry and Two teenage grand daughters, Kimberley & Sarah.
Widowed in 2003 I live in a small flat in Nottingham and still work full time for a local Company distributing Medical products to
hospitals all over the UK.
I recently became a member of The National Council.
Goldings was a great place to live. We were, and still are, a unique family and I feel Privileged to be a Part of it.

Alan J Dearman ( 03/02/07 )


Reunion photos taken 1980s

Bring it up Dave

Dave Barlow and Alan Dearman 1985 reunion

John Hunt Stan Edgar and Alan Dearman

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Petula and Friends

Alan 2007

Three generations Alan with Daughter, Grandaughter Kim, and Great grandson Declan Rhys

Alan and Declan

Above: Alan and Margaret at the reunion
Left: On their wedding day
The wedding took place on Saturday December 19th 2009
at Sage Cross Methodist Church, Melton Mowbray

Alanís Christmas Tree 2011
Alan meets the Queen 2013

A Eulogy to Alan Dearman by David Wheatley



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