On my many visits to Waterford and Hertford, I still love to stroll around Goldings with the camera so here’s
a couple more photographs you may find interesting and if you haven’t visited lately you may not have seen.

Just inside the gates, Goldings Lane entrance, sits a Mushroom which was once a Tree (probably in our time)

Walking towards top field, sitting on the fence is a great metal black owl (this road was put in by the developer)

The steps to top field now leads to a row of houses

Top field is now a riding school and stables

Page Compiled March 2008

All images and text copyright © to Goldings Old Boys reunion members

The Gym and the Carpenters Shop notice the road has
been moved to the left to give the houses a small garden

If I had just had the angle right these two photos would have just fit together nicely The Main building “Goldings” and the Print Shop

Bottom field, where’s our Cricket and Sports Field gone?
All that remains are the remnants of our benches

Above: The Copse top field, were we once stood when it was raining
I wonder how long this will remain?

The Cedar trees where once Mr Embleton stood with his dog
in the grounds that are now part of the Chapel Grounds,
and are separate and no longer part of the Goldings Estate

Somersets Bathroom now bricked up and used as
the name plate to the building “Goldings Hall”

Our old Table Tennis room now called The Orangery not yet
Sold. Is it any wonder when they have a Bath in the window
Would you spend £1,000,000 on this apartment and take
bath in the window, probably would suit MacAndrew!!!

Our Table Tennis room now renamed The Orangery
Which now has a second floor.

Inside main building

Photographs © Dave Blower

Underground car park were once stood MacAndrew House.

Tennis courts now occupy the goal mouth on top field

One of the rare Cedar Trees placed in the Grounds
by the Abel Smith family, well before our time.

The rear of Sick Bay now the home of the Developer

Winter 2008

Summer 1929

The Arch is to your left as you walk up Goldings Lane