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Goldings Old Boys Memorial Cup

Hertwoods School under 14s

Cavendish School under 14s

The Goldings Memorial Cup was donated by former pupils and staff of William
Baker Technical School, a Dr Barnardo Home from 1922-67.
The mansion we lived in was called “Goldings” which was situated just outside
Hertford in the village of Waterford.
The aim of the school was to teach a trade to the boys which would enable them a
good start in life, when it came for them to leave “Goldings”
Throughout the schools life, sport played a major part of our lives, and many local
sportsmen from those times must surely remember Goldings for our sporting
I myself was a member of the Goldings football team that came second to Cheshunt,
losing by one point in 1964 in the Lea Valley League.

Our school motto was “Finis Coronat Opus” The End Crowns The Work. Today we
do hope both teams reflect on this motto and enjoy their success in reaching this Final.
GOOD LUCK. Goldings.

Brian Perrier (Goldings Old Boy) welcomes both teams and officials before the kick off

Goldings Old Boys: Brian Perrier, David Barlow, David Blower and Alan Dearman
with Mark Knight The Herts FA and the English schools FA Official

Commiserations to the losers Cavendish School

Many thanks to the Referee Wayne Simpson
and his Assistants, Callum Rowe and Jim Reeder

Hertswood the first team to win the Goldings Old Boys Memorial cup 6 March 2008

The Winners 4 goals to nil

We arrived at the ground (Brian, David Barlow , myself , and Alan Dearman to be
greeted by Herts Officials including David Willacy who was my main contact in
the agreement for us donate the cup. We were ushered into the V. I. P. Lounge and
made to feel most welcome. It was a very cold evening, but we received a warm
reception by the crowd, especially the young female football fans (I’d like to think
it was for us, but perhaps it may just have been for the young starlets of both teams,
but they did sing “Goldings” by the spectators as the cup was presented)
We never witnessed such female support in my day up “Top Field” but looking at
us four lined up below may hold the key to that one!
The match was a fine example of youth football, played in a most sporting fashion,
but as they say “There can only be one winner” but I think it was enjoyed by all.
We would once again like to thank the Herts F.A.,a representative of the English
F. A.and last but not least to David Willacy in helping us to “clear the hurdles” to
Enable us to donate our cup to young boys that one day like us will look back with
Many Thanks to all concerned “ William Baker Technical School”


Many thanks to the camera man on the night Alan Dearman (Our action man with the camera) further pictures are available
on request on the state of the pitch on the night.
I Qoute “I don’t know how to work this camera”

The words on the Cup read