Mr. H. W. Tempest

Carpenters Shop

Mr Tempest (Stormy) with Pupils outside Carpenters Shop

Mr H. W. Tempest joined the staff of the William Baker Technical School at Goldings, Hertford, in 1929, and as a trained cabinet
maker, became a teacher in the carpentry department. He became head of department in 1950.
He was affectionately nick-named Stormy by the young men in training and many hundreds who passed through this department found
worth-while employment in various industries. Apart from his woodcraft, his artistic nature found an outlet in drawing and painting
and he encouraged many young pupils to develop skills in these areas. He was a keen cricketer and was an opening batsman for the
School XI. He was also a fine billiards player and a staff club champion on numerous occasions. A keen debater, he was always
sufficiently informed to discuss topical items and, as a native of Halifax, was a true
Yorkshireman when arguing his points of view. Always of good humour and kindly disposition, he was a very popular member of
Goldings community. When Goldings closed in 1967 Mr Tempest taught carpentry to trainee teachers at the Balls Park Teacher
Training College until his retirement. All his friends will wish to join in sympathy for his son, Michael, daughter Anne, and their
families, in their sad loss.

To Mr. H. Tempest, who is in charge of the cabinet makers shop, we extend a very hearty welcome on taking up the duties of
House Master of Somerset House.

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News on Goldings from Derek Hammond.
"On returning to Goldings during my holiday I was pleased to meet Messrs. Tempest and Broster, as you no doubt remember formerly
of Goldings carpentry shop; both were well, and Mr. Tempest seemed elated by the fact that he was working back in his 'old carpenters'
shop', on a part-time basis for either H.C.C. or Balls Park, on an art project of some sort, whilst Mr. Broster was working in N. Ireland.

Mr. H. W. Tempest