Brian Gregory arrived at Goldings on the 17th April 1953 when
arriving at Goldings Brian was reunited with his former friend
from Much Wenlock Henry Peet, who also arrived that same day.
Brian was a cabinet maker and served in the Cadets.
Brian and Henry are still firm friends to this day despite living
either end of the country, and have attended reunions together
in the past.
It was at my first reunion that I first met Brian and his wife
with Henry.

When he left Goldings his first job was an antiques restorer.

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Brian’s certificates and badges of which I am told these are not all, speak for themselves.
Above are his many Cadet certificates, and Carpentry prizes.

Solo Side Drummer certificate

Tub Drummer certificate

Side Drummer certificate

To whom it may concern:.
Cadet Brian Gregory was a member of this company for a period
of three years and three months.
During his service with me he proved to be a very honest and
reliable lad.
Brian was a member of the school and battalion “Corps”of Drums;
And was the solo side Drummer; he was always smart and loyal to
his unit
A. P. Culver

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Brian tells me these were all made for his mother
at the time, and are still used.
Just look at the skill achieved by a boy of 14-15
years under the wonderful training given to us by
such dedicated Tutors.
Place Mats and Book-ends in Hardwood,
Table Lamp in Hardwood,
Jewellery Box

The Table Lamp is interesting as a lot of us (I was also a Carpenter) would make
one of these in some stage of our tuition. Various pieces of wood were glued
together then turned on the lathe to give this Interesting pattern for a Table Lamp.