I then went to 'Goldings' with a lad called Ernie Dawson, the best mate I ever had and would love to get back in
contact with. When I arrived at Goldings I was shown around Goldings by a boy Iíll always remember
John Douthwaite. Whilst at Goldings I worked as a cabinet maker with Mr Farnham (Spike), a great bloke, I saw
him at a Goldings reunion a few years back, he still remembers me well. I won the prize for best carpenter and joiner,
I chose a razor because I could shave then. I was in Mount Stephen,
house master was Mr Frankie Offard, house captain was
Mr Peter Taber, I was good at all sports and played football for
school, I was captain of the school cricket in the summer of 1955,
I also played for Stepney staff after I left Goldings, I won my
boxing colours and so kept my school blazer and tie. I came second
in the cross country run in 1955. I was a ball boy at Wimbledon
and captained No 1 court also in 1955, I can still remember some
of the players Ken Rosewall, Vic Seixas, Tony Trabert, J Drobney
to mention a few. After I left Goldings I continued my
apprenticeship as a carpenter and joiner, I went to various digs in
East London, my first wage was £2.15 shillings or £2.75, my digs
cost £3 for full board, the landlady gave me a shilling once a week
to go to the public baths. I did not finish my apprenticeship as I
was always skint, so joined the army Royal Engineers in 1958 for
6 years, it was a doddle after being at Goldings, I got married
and have 10 children and 13 grandchildren. My school number
in Mt Stephen was 136. I now live on my own in a flat near Wigan,
Lancs and enjoy a pint or 2. I really enjoy the reunions, it's great
seeing someone you havenít seen for 50 years.
My favourite singer is Frank Sinatra (My Way)

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Date of Birth- 9-.3- 1938

19.11.45- Newcastle EOD
27.2.46 - Much Wenlock
18.9.51 - W.B.T.S Goldings
29.7.55 - Situation

My brother Harry Peet and myself were in the workhouse in Leigh, Lancs before we went to Dr Barnados, we went
to a house called 'Millbrooke' in Newcastle upon Tyne for 3 months, Harry and I got split up I then went to
'Corris House' Much Wenlock, Harry followed about 8 months later.

W B T S Goldings 1952 Bill Roe middle row 4 th from the left

Bill Roe 1951

Bill Roe 1955

Mount Stephen, House master Mr. Offard

Bill and Henry at a family party 2006