I entered Goldings from Much Wenlock on the 17th of April 1953,
into Kinnaird junior house and finished up in Aberdeen senior
house along with my older brother William Roe who was also at the
school a few years prior to me. One of my best friends at Goldings
Was Brian Gregory, along with many others. I was a cabinet maker
under the watchful eye of Mr Farnham, (Spikey), and also an
Aberdeen prefect. I loved sport and was in the Gym team under
Joe Patch, and also boxed at the Albert Hall for the cadets. In 1956
I was Drum Major in the band, I also played the bugle.
I left Goldings in 1957 23rd April, and later joined the 7th Para’s
I now live in Keswick Cumbria I have 5 children and 22 grand
I attend the reunions every year with my brother Bill, and am a
staunch supporter.
My favourite music is Eddie Cochran.

Below are a few short quotes from the Goldonian
of Harry’s time spent at the school.

Summer 1956 Goldonian cadet notes.
In the inter company swimming the senior cadets came second. Praise is due to Cann Snr, Crampton, Peete,
Filby, and Rogers. Well done lads.

Spring 1957 Goldonian cadet notes.
The award of a silver spoon for the best .22 shooting for the year went to
Drum Major H. Peete.

10 entries for the A.C.F. Boxing resulting in 5 wins , 2 losses, and 3 no bouts.
Finally Drum Major Peete, and cadets Wilson, J. Brown, and K. Hammond
reached the A. C. F. South national semi finals: Wilson, Hammond, and
Brown lost by a narrow margin in the semi final bouts, and Drum Major
Peete put up a fine display in the evening but did not manage to win.
He received a very fine plaque, the second that he’s won in the A. C. F.

Winter 1957 Goldonian Old Boys Reunion.
Roy Dean, John Fields, John Mountain, Ronald Warrior, Edward Toynton,
Henry Peete, Brian Gregory, Kenneth Hemphrey, Victor King,
Gordon Ansty, Derek Newham, Bill Harris, Richard Davies,
David Merryfield.

The gym team did quite well last year, giving displays in and around the area.
We are now pretty well known in the district and already we are being booked for 1957.
We have some good performers at the moment, particularly Henry Peete who has been awarded his 3rd,
2nd and 1st Class Certificates in Gymnastics, the only boy in the school to reach this standard so far.
We have a few trailing close for their 2nd Class, this Summer might bring them up to standard, especially
Stan Wright our team clown who has worked exceptionally hard and has a high standard.
R. N.

(And finally ask him about the story of Nurse Underwood at the next re-union, quite an amusing story!!!)

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Henry Peet 1956

Henry (Skinny) Peet 1957

Bill and Henry at a family party 2006