Alan Sibbons born 27th July 1950. Entered Goldings in 1962 to 1965,
was placed in Aberdeen house. At first I had quite an attitude about my
new digs, was always getting into trouble, very rebellious, and got to go
in and out of all the trade departments. I finally ended up in the Painting
and Decorating Dept. where Mr. Brooks, Mr. Moules, and Mr. Ibbotson
took me under there wings, (
I had the penny trick in the paint funnel
done to me first day
)! I had my fair share of whacks at pinheads office
I guess, but, I turned out A. O. K. in the end. In 1968 I joined the
British Armed Forces, (
Rifle Brigade, Royal green Jackets). I have,
Skip Culver' to thank for that, he encouraged me a lot and gave me that
little bit of dignity and pride that I needed in this life and would always
take the time to listen. I ended up being one of those noisy Bugler's at
Golding's that woke you all up in the morning! (
Sorry). I emigrated to
Canada In 1973, eventually owned my own Painting & Dec Company,
It must have been the, 'Backy Baron' in me selling all those rollies). I went back to a school in British
Columbia, Canada in the early 80's to become a Saw Doctor. Have been married to my wife for 26
years, had 2 children, Jeff and Sarah, and now have 3 grandchildren, Devon, Ethan, and Caleb, my kids
and family are very important to me. My hobbies are woodwork and fishing. I like all the 60's music,
Beach boys, (California girls) Beetles, Herman Hermits, (Winchester Cathedral). Was great to see all
you 1962-1965 Goldings boy's and “Pop Steele” at my first reunion that I knew over 40 odd years ago.

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Alan Sibbons medal, he received for Gym
front and back also below is the box it was
presented in

Alan when he was in British Armed Forces,
Rifle Brigade, Royal green Jackets)

Alan and sister Julie at the 2009 Goldings Reunion