Brian Cunningham entered Goldings from Foley House.
He was an Aberdeen Boy, and his trade was Carpenter.
This trade he still practices today.
Iím going to guess his years as each year he signs the visitors
book at the reunion he changes the year or scratches it out
but according to the Goldonian he was 56 -58 The photos
displayed on this page are mainly of Brianís friends as
Brian was taking the pictures.

Page Compiled November 2007

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James (Dixie) Deane

The dance at Goldings

D. M. Stocking

Our Band

Cadet Cross Country

Messing about

William Knight

Tom Cudby W. B. T. S.

Carpenters Shop Mr Broster

Corps de Drums

My Cadet mates

Pop Howell Carpenters Shop


David Bigget

John Jackson

Chris Alsemguest

DM John Stocking

Tony Gardener, Back Row 1st right me.
(The only photo Brian seems to be on)

Aberdeen boys L, Albert Barfield R, Brian Cunningham

Brian 2nd Left at 2006 reunion

Were you in these pictures if so let us know so we can add the names.

Brian today

Brian age 16 as he left Goldings