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Many thanks toAlan Dearman for sending in the next set of photos

Bill Harris, Henry Peet, Bill Roe

Pop Steele, Mike Justice M B E

Tommy Hill, with Billy and his wife and Junior

Joe Law

Peter Drummond, Mrs Newton, and Dave Blower

Lyn Newton ,Mrs Newton and Dave

Tommy Hill, Micky Gay and Tony Angell

David Ingram and John Dunmore and their lovely wives

Ike Aviston with Brother Noel

Bill Roe

Jim Dixie Deane with his wife

Des Aviston Pop and Albert Barefield

John Horn with ?

Mick Smith Kerr with his son and Bill Harris

Albert Barefield and Brian Cunningham Aberdeen Boys

Anne, David and Brian Perrier

Bill Roe with son Frank

Henry Peet with Niece Marie

Dave and Henry

Goldings Anniversary cake 50 years since first official Reunion

Katy and Josh setting free the reunion balloons

If you can put a name to the faces I cant please let me know. If you have photos you would like displayed on the site please send them in.

Reunion Photos 2007