Clive Gillingham
Date of birth: 30-6-1940
Goldings April 1955 to December 1957
House: Somerset House Captain
Prefect 1957
Trade: Sheet Metal Work
Goldonian Spring 1958

Clive at the 2006 Reunion

Clive photographed here with Mr de’Boeck when he was at Goldings

Clives Bilble given to him at Goldings recording his Confirmation

Clives Trade proficiency Certificate 1955

Clives Trade proficiency Certificate 1957

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Somerset House Notes

Before I must congratulate our House Captain, Clive Gillingham on
gaining the athletics
Victor Ludorum for the third year in succession
J. Page.
Goldonian VOL. Xll NUMBER 2. Summer 1957

Clive Gillingham Profile