“Come on now keep up you must be out of condition,
hurry up past Pinheads office before he sees us!!”

All images and text copyright © to Goldings Old Boys reunion members

Page Compiled April 2007

“The fine mansion, once our home and school, along with 100 acre’s of land which enabled us to pursue many outdoor activities.
In the foreground, the remains of the path that we once marched to Chapel every Sunday, and the once fine lawn now appears
neglected, that was once so lovingly tended by the Gardening Department within the school.”

Come along with me once more on an nostalgic visit around our former home and school as saw through the camera lens of
Paul Walkeden Somerset 63-65.
Below are the photos taken by my family early 90s at the time the house was occupied by The Hertfordshire County Council

The Grand Hallway at the entrance to the school
you can still smell the Ronuk, (polish used by the school)

The Grand Hallways fireplace
(to the left Pinheads office)

Another view of the Grand Hallway Stairs.

Views of the same fireplace in the Grand Hallway, now a home to “Radiators”
due to conditions laid down by Grade 2 listed Building Regulations.

The room of retribution this is were many misdemeanours
were instantly resolved
“The cane”

The same room Pinheads office.

The Gallery top right hand corner, were once the musicians
entertained The Able Smith family, but in the days of Goldings
our contraband and cadet rifles were stored there.

Scenes of the former staff dining room “don’t put the lights out otherwise the cockroaches come out”

The usual space we occupied when we first arrived at Goldings
“Reception” To the right you can still hear the Bugler playing


Former Somerset Dorm now used as an office for
Hertfordshire county Council.

Another view of Somerset dorm, to the left is the window
which we clambered down on our “Scumping” run.
Note: the pillar which occupied the room.

The alcove in Somerset were you slept as you progressed
to Senior Boys.

Another view of the dorm clearly showing the pillar, to the
left would be our “Lockers”

Staff dining room, and seen clearly through the window,
the steps to Macandrew (the new wing built in 1960)

No longer the sounds of “Come to the cookhouse door”

Former dining hall, to the forefront our former “Parade

The “Clock Tower” the scene of were a former games master
Mr Battel was killed by a parachute bomb in the Second World
War The home to the many trades at Goldings.

Sick bay, the home to many an ailing young man, or a reason
to escape “Boxing” it appears in the same colours as I seem
to remember.

The Print Shop, and “Hole in the Wall” clearly can be
seen in the background, along with one of the very fine
trees that occupied the Grounds.

Bottom Field, the scene for so many fine Cricket Matches
and sports day encounters. The spectators looked on, seated
on the “Benches”

A view looking from “Sick Bay” towards the “Tower”

Was this one of your lasting “Memories” of “Goldings”
the famous arch.

Many thanks to Paul Walkeden for the use of his library of pictures of Goldings

©Paul Walkeden

Somerset 63-65

Ah Yes I remember it well