My name is Clive (Lew) Lewis (G.O.B.) 1958-1964.

I would love to establish contact with anyone who knows me.
When I was in the house I resided in Cairns before moving to
'The Verney' and then into 'digs'. James (Jimmy) Medland used
to occupy the bed next to me at one stage I did find a mention
of myself in an old Goldonian in Bob Newtons' Verney Notes.
It was as I left for digs for the second time There's a stack of stuff
I'm looking for as I had quite a checkered career during my stay,
ie. I was the youngest chairman of the BOBA. All it meant was
that I was running the club, that wonderful retreat of ours.
Our space where nobody could touch us . . . that's how it felt anyway,
as house-masters very rarely ventured in. The main bloke we had to look out for was that wonderful man Mr Embleton as he used
to get just about everywhere walking that collie dog of his, I was very fond of him as most blokes were as he was very straight
and fair. There are some silly pics among those I told you I had found from within the club. I was in charge of the keys, stock
and cash taken from the tuck shop together with ordering stock etc.
I was pressed into the cadets by Jimmy and Skip Culver, I was a relief bass drummer, also an MP. My claim to fame was that one
year Jimmy Medland and myself lead the Harlow carnival. getting the public to step back out of the road etc. Jimmy and myself
thought we were the business!!
Bob Newton pressed me into amateur dramatics . . . I found a couple of dodgy quality pics. I was Robinson Crusoe in Robinson
Crusoe and I was 'Garge' in Mother Goose . . . I even have Bob dressed up as a dame.
I was the Sunday newspaper boy . . . I was always Headmasters boy on domestic duties. Don't think I was goody two shoes,
I was a little sod but very quickly learned the art of not getting caught.
I now live on the borders of Suffolk and Norfolk.

Some Photos Clive sent in are featured below

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Clive Lewis behind the counter at the clubhouse 1959

Ivan Brown and Colin Addinall


This photograph is an absolute treasure, which will
hopefully give pleasure to all those who enjoyed this
moment in time. What a fantastic day we had, Geoff
ended up in hospital with alcoholic poisoning, and I
was running around looking for a hospital to cut the
ring off my finger as it started to swell badly. I cut
my finger in half when I took Macs motorbike for a
spin into town and crashed head on with a car.
I can name everyone present, with a two shaky
exceptions. I need a gentle reminder of the guy to the
immediate right of Winnie Norton (I think it's Rosie!)
and the chap to the immediate left of
John (Mac) McLeer. An explanation is required! . . .
the reason I'm the only bloke with a female is that I
organised the trip and pulled rank. Together with the
entire back seat. Well, wouldn't you. As it happens
Jean ended up marrying Colin (Addy) Addinall
standing at the back.

Clive (Lew) Lewis Cairns / Verney 1958-64

Clive Lewis as 'Robinson Crusoe' Bob Newton production

To the left
Eric Holden and Clive Lewis rehearsing for 'Mother Goose'

Yarmouth 1959
Dave Mundy Clive Lewis

(need some help here!)
not sure! - Mitch -
Michael (Fatty) Palmer
Lazzy? - Chinny Townsend

Clive Dave and Derek
Southend-on-Sea c.1960

Clive and Derek just
hanging around

OB's Clubhouse 1960
Clive Lewis - Fatty Lydford - Miggy Ball
Derek Brewer - Geoff Foster

Jock Wellwood - Cliff Sainsbury -
Bob Charlton - Jimmy Fasanya -
Clive Lewis

Ivan Brown c.1960

Derek Brewer - Dave Mundy
an aunt Clive Lewis
English Channel 1960

Derek Brewer and myself

Clive Lewis and Derek Brewer

Myself with John McLeer behind me
Jock Wellwood in corner and
Skinny Coleman

Sweet sixteen 1959

John Hilton - Dave Hilton - Dave Mundy
Derek Brewer - Clive Lewis

(from the left) Jock Wellwood -
Derek Brewer Dave Mundy - Geoff Foster
right of DM - Doug Webster to his left
Eric Holden coming up at the rear
John McLeer on his beloved Velacette

Clive Lewis - Eric Holden -
Dave Mundy Jock Wellwood -
Colin Addinall Doug Webster

Geoff Foster - Clive Lewis -
Mick Smith-Kerr
Derek Brewer - Stewart Law
(I need help with the guy Stewart
has his arm around)
Skinny Coleman - Tony Lydford
and Miggy Ball

Geoff Foster - Doug Webster -
Dave Mundy Clive Lewis - Eric Holden -
John McLeer Derek Brewer - Stewart Law

Winnie Norton (just love this pic!)

Bad shot from Margate!

Clive Lewis Skinny Coleman and
Derek Brewer (OB's Club)

Clive Lewis Jean Humphreys Derek Brewer
my aunt Dave Mundy nephew and neice

Derek Brewer Dave Mundy
an aunt Clive Lewis mid'
English Channel 1960

Clive Lewis OB's clubhouse

Dave Hilton and Clive Lewis

Dave Charlton and Clive Lewis

Geoff - Skinny - Derek and Clive

September 1961Clive Lewis - Dave Mundy -
Stewart Law - Johnny Hilton - Doug Webster
- Winnie Norton - Geoff Foster (Printshop)

To the left
Michael Alexander Smith-Kerr (MASK)
and Clive (Lew) Lewis

Taken from Printshop window in 1959

Clive Lewis at the frame 1960

Clive Lewis

Clive Lewis Profile