Robert Cobb Sheridan Goldings 1934 to 1936,
was a former member of Aberdeen House.
He was taught the trade of Tinsmiths in his time spent
at Goldings, and still continues this trade today, and his
fine work we have displayed below, not bad for an
85 years old, carried out in his own workshop coupled with he
works full time and it has never entered his head to retire.
Bob still has and uses many of the tools he was presented at
He resides in Reading with his wife and has three children.
Two people he will always be thankful to, and would like to
pay tribute are Dr Barnardo who Bob believes gave
him his start in life “ he fed, clothed, housed him”
The other was Mr H. de’ Boeck (Tinsmith Master) who Bob
says taught him the trade that has stood him in good stead for
all his life.

Robert Cobb Sheridan at the 2006 Reunion 3rd from the left.

Robert Cobb Sheridan at the age of 17 years
as he left Goldings and joined the Armed Forces.

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The 2 jugs Bob made at Goldings.

Bob made six tinned copper jugs in his time at Goldings
four of which were presented to The Paramount Chief
of Barotse land. Northern Rhodesia
(for further information
refer to Sports and Leisure, Celebrity Visitors)
when he came
to England for the Silver Jubilee of King George V.
The Chief was a very good friend of the Governor of
Goldings, Rev Mac Donald from his early days as a
missionary in Africa, who invited him to visit Goldings
during his stay in England.

An example of Bobs work, supplying parts for vintage cars. Examples below of Rolls Royce and M. G. Radiator cowls

Hand made by Bob not bad for a former Goldings Boy. Many thanks to his former tutor Mr. H. de’ Boeck

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R Cobb Sheridan