Captain A. P. Culver (Skip to his many friends) has now moved
into a sea-front residential Home at Walmer, Kent, the area where
he retired in 1966 after 25 years of service to
“Goldings” 1982

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Captain Albert P Culver.

A man remembered most affectionately by hundreds of Goldings Old Boys, 'Skip' Culver, passed away 15 July 1990 aged 86.
He joined the staff of the then William Baker Technical School in 1931, taking the position of storekeeper till 1936.
He then joined the army, after completing four years as a regular soldier, seeing service in India, China and Malta. He
re-enlisted on the outbreak of war, serving a further six years.
Returning to Goldings in 1945 he became a housemaster, he also formed a detachment of Army Cadets at the school and
very quickly the small squad grew to company size and Albert Culver became a Lieutenant.
The company then formed its own bugle band, a retired drum-major being responsible for their training, and that unit also,
in its own right, became a very efficient unit, very much in demand to attend functions throughout the county of
Albert Culver was promoted to the rank of Captain and Her Majesty the Queen graciously approved the award of the Army
Cadet Force Medal and Certificate for his service to that force in 1958.
A mild-mannered man, 'Skip' probably influenced more boys than any other member of staff at the school to become mature
and capable members of society, and many of his cadets joined the services when they left
the school.

R. S.


THE HEADING to this report may not instantly bring to mind the personage to whom it refers, but for once I feel that 'Skipper'
should be given his full and honourable title.
It is very sad, and as yet unbelievable, that the ever cheerful, never flappable character is no longer within our precincts, but time
waits for no man, not even Mr. Culver, and with his health some what below par Mr. Culver collaborated with his doctor and
shook the dust of Goldings from his feet a few months earlier than is usual.
Many readers will be aware of the honour bestowed on Captain Culver in 1958, when Her Majesty graciously approved the award
of the Army Cadet Force Medal and Certificate for his services to the force, an honour richly deserved. Apart from his activities
as Cadet Officer, his main role at the School was that of Housemaster, and in particular, Somerset House, up until a year or two
ago. As all boys, past and present, will know, we have a very live Social Club here at Goldings, which is responsible for evening
entertainment for the boys and staff during the winter months.
Once again Mr. Culver has been well to the fore with his services, having held the position of secretary for 15 years. At the
farewell ceremony, Mr. Wheatley paid tribute to the great work Skipper had done for our School over the last 25 years, having
turned his hand with great efficiency to the majority of jobs within the School, including teaching when staff was scarce.
Without a doubt his greatest personal contribution was the formation of the Army Cadet Company in December 1945, and which
has continued to flourish ever since. Mr. Wheatley made reference to the number of letters he himself had received from Old
Boys, all paying tribute to the influence 'Skipper' had bestowed upon them.
At the conclusion of Mr. Wheatley's tribute, he presented Mr. Culver with a plaque as a visible token of our esteem, and a cheque
on behalf of all members of the staff. On behalf of the Social Club he presented Mr. Culver with an illuminated address signed by
all members. Finally, Robert Buggs, on behalf of all boys and apprentices, handed over a silver tankard with a few well-chosen
words for 'Skipper's' ear only!
On behalf of all late members of staff and Old Boys I would like to wish our old friend a very long and happy retirement, and
conclude this very inadequate appreciation with his new address, so that his old friends can continue to correspond with him.
Mr. A. P. Culver, Copthall Guest House.

Goldonian Summer 1966



It is my pleasing duty to report that Captain Culver was awarded the Certificate of Good Service
(Cadet Forces Medal) in the New Year Honours, 1959.
I am sure all Old Boys will be delighted to read this news, because no one knows better than they
what magnificent work Captain Culver has done, not only for the Cadet Force, but for the School.
Captain Culver has received letters of congratulation from Mr. M. H. Tetley, C. B. E., Honorary
Treasurer of the Homes, Mr. T. F. Tucker, Deputy General Superintendent of the Homes,
Lt .- Col. L. W. Giles, O. B. E., M. C., the Chairman, County Commandant and Members of the
Army Cadet Force Committee.
I am sure all members of the staff and boys would like to add their congratulations and say
"Well done, Skip!"

N. T. P.

Below are scans from Skips Bible.

Colin Davies was given this Bible from Skip on Colin’s birthday. Skip called him to one side and gave him his own personal bible
as a present for his birthday
Colin was quite surprised that Skip was prepared to give him such a personal item. Listed below is a record that Skip must have
recorded in this bible Of his postings while he was in the Armed Forces.
Colin kept this Bible safe for many years, which reminded him of his time at Goldings. He recently gave it to his sister who remains
in the armed services today, as an historical memento of a former soldiers life.

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The opening of the new MacAndrew wing 1960

Her Royal Highness Princess Margaret being greeted by

Captain A. P. Culver as she visited the A. C. F. Display.

Also in the picture L/ Cpl. Ambrose.

One of Skips many quips.

“Ah never mind eh !”

Skips Record of Achievement

We have started our eleventh year as a Band, and our record in the Band Competitions is as follows :-
1946, bottom; 1947 to 1952, 1st; 1953, 2nd; 1954, 1st; 1955, 2nd. We also have the honour of playing at the Royal
Tournament three times, so we cannot afford to sit back if we wish to keep on top.
I hope we shall regain the Band Cup by coming 1st in 1956.
It all depends on your individual efforts.

A. P. Culver, Captain O. I. C.

Goldonian Spring 1956

Many thanks to Colin Davies for information supplied on this page

Captain A. P. Culver (Skip), who retired from Goldings in 1966, after 25 years, we congratulate on his marriage to Ruby Owen
at Deal on 11th April;
we wish them every happiness
May 1970

Mac Lang was involved in getting Skip Culver to a couple of reunions when
Skip lived in a nursing home in Deal which I had found out by chance as my
wife at the time came from Deal.
Mac went to Deal to collect Skip and take him home again.
Alan Dearman

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