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Horace Thompson

Hello, my name is Sue Shepherd and I have come across your website and thought
you might be interested in hearing about my late father.
His name was Horace Thompson, he was born in Hull, Yorkshire in 1922 and joined
the Dr Barnardo's family at the age of four.
After two unhappy stays with foster parents, he was eventually sent to live with a
loving family in Suffolk on a farm in West Row. He grew to think of this family as
his own. However at the age of 14, Dr Barnardo's decided to send him to
The William Baker Technical School in Goldings to learn a trade. (Carpentry)
I believe he was at Goldings between 1936 & 1938 or 39.
He went on live an eventful life, fought in the Italian campaign during the 2nd
world war, went on to become a driver for the late Sir Alvary Gascoigne in
Budapest at the end of the Second World War and then after initial training at
Rolls Royce in London, sailed from Liverpool in 1947 to Japan to work as
Transport supervisor at the British Embassy in Japan for Sir Alvary Gascoigne.
After coming back to Britain he later moved to Edinburgh Scotland where he
met and married my late mother (Doreen).
In 1959 they decided to re connect with Dr Barnardo's to work as Houseparents.
Their first home was "Glasclune" in North Berwick in Scotland. ( where I was born)
They went onto to become Superintendent and matron at 23 Winton drive,
Glasgow and when that home closed in 1972 we moved to Gordon Terrace,
Plymouth and in 1975 moved once more to Glandare House, Newport. South Wales.
They both worked for Dr Barnardo's for more than twenty years and I have lovely
memories of my time living in the various homes.
I wonder if any of the Old Goldonians might remember them as I know my dad
was instrumental in sending some of the boys from the homes to the school of printing to learn a trade.
I have come across various items that belonged to dad relating to Goldings and thought you might be interested, I also have various
photos of our times in the homes mentioned, if any of your members were in any of these homes.
I have enjoyed reading the memories of your various members of Goldings and Dr Barnardo's and recognise some of the masters
names from some of the stories dad would recall of his time there.
Please feel free to get in touch with me if you would be interested in any pictures etc.
Sue Shepherd (nee Thompson)

The photos include one of dad at Goldings when he was about 15.
A bible and a book he was presented with while at Goldings,
The bugle I believe came from Barnardo's, may have been one of the Goldings bugles as Dad was connected to Barnardo's
for so long and he was not a musician, but he had it for a long time,

Horace at Goldings age 15-16

In the 1963 Goldonian Summer edition (page 16 ) my dads name is mentioned.
THOMPSON, HORACE : Trained as a carpenter, 1936 to 1938, and after service in the army, and a certain amount of
'globe trotting', has for some time been Superintendent of the Glasgow Home. Spent a couple of days with us in April.
Present address: 23 Winton Drive, Glasgow, W. 2.

Also in the final edition page 26 one of my dads boys from Glasclune Gilbert Brown, He kept in touch with my parents for many
Years, they attended his wedding and sadly his funeral when he was killed in a car accident. I still keep in touch with his wife
I also recognise the name Theodore Tucker (General Superintendent) of Dr. Barnardos also a visitor to my parents.