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Bobby Mac the Licker 1964

Carry on Nurse 1964

The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme has aroused great
interest among the boys at Goldings. Naturally they are keen
to get a medal. During 1962, when the scheme first got under
way, 17 obtained 12 bronze and 5 silver awards. A boy who
takes part gets a lot of fun and enjoyment, but he also finds it
a challenge to his courage and endurance.
In the photographs illustrating this aspect of life at Goldings,
you will see some of the opportunities which the boys are given
in order to prove their worth. The winning of a medal is the
least important part of the programme; it is a recognition that
the boy has accepted the ideal of developing his powers to the
full, so that he may be of service to his neighbours and
particularly to those in special need. Wouldn't you like to be
a good companion of these boys ?


AFTER MONTHS of planning, our new brochure is at last complete, and despite the many changes that have been
necessary since work first started the finished result is quite pleasing.
The booklet comprises thirty-six pages printed in grey, maroon and black inks on white art (smooth) paper. The
cover is printed in black ink on buttercup yellow stipple-finished paper. There are forty-six photographs showing
all aspects of our school life, including eight pictures and write-ups of old boys.
Unfortunately these booklets are not for general distribution, but are for circulation to other Homes advertising our
role in the Barnardo organization. However, should anyone be particularly interested, I have no doubt our Headmaster
would favourably consider applications for copies.
N. T. P.
Goldonian 1964



WHATEVER YOUR favourite sport or hobby, you are bound to find other boys at Goldings to share it with you. The
pictures in this book show you some of the things the boys do in their spare time. Our School Teams compete with other
schools and youth clubs in all kinds of sport. Some Goldings boys show exceptional talent and are selected for County
Youth or Inter-Services representative sides, but even moderate performers can take their pleasure in the Inter-House
Goldings boys have many opportunities for getting out and about. The Army Cadet Force Company, the Bugle Band and
the Gymnastic Squad are in great demand at all kinds of ceremonies, fetes, and social gatherings. The famous ball-boys of
Wimbledon are all Goldings boys. About sixty are chosen every year for this important and enjoyable service. The Duke
of Edinburgh Award scheme is in operation and many boys become enthusiastic participators.
There is fun as well as work at Goldings. Every term there is a programme of socials, dances, whist drives,
table tennis competitions and occasional camp-fire evenings, where the boys of the school, staff, and friends can enjoy
themselves together. There are also end-of-term concerts and the school publishes and prints its own magazine,
The Goldonian.
The School motto is, Finis Coronal Opusó'The End Crowns the Work'. The 'Work' is the daily effort to improve yourself
in character, knowledge, and skill; the 'End' is an assured position in life; the feeling that you are important because you
are skilled and can serve the community in a special way.


This Chapel is given by a few friends in the hope that the boys
who worship here may learn to know the Lord Jesus Christ as
their Saviour, Master, and King. The above inscription is to be
found on a tablet in the School Chapel.
Our founder, Dr. Thomas John Barnardo, was impelled to
undertake great work for children and also supported in it by
his belief in a personal Saviour. This School is dedicated to the
teaching of Christian belief and practice.
Each school day begins with an Act of Worship attended by all
the staff and boys. On Sundays, Morning and Evening Services
conducted by the School Chaplain are held in the Chapel. Special
preachers visit the School from time to time to speak about the
work of the Church overseas and in our own country. Religious
Instruction classes are part of the syllabus of general education
in the School.
Once a year a Confirmation Service is held in the School Chapel.
Candidates for Confirmation are prepared by the School

Do YOU think you have made the best use of your opportunities at school so far ? Some boys are quite good scholars
when they come to Goldings and like to continue their studies and sit for various examinations. In this book you will see
boys having lessons in classrooms as well as in workshops.
Even if you have not done very well so far, you can still succeed in becoming a skilled craftsman, but if you are hoping to
earn your living in some skilled occupation you will have to start taking an interest in your schooling before it is too late,
because all employers expect their apprentices to attend Evening School and usually release them one day in every week
to go to a Technical College. You will not want to feel a duffer compared with your mates.
At Goldings you will be given a fresh start and if necessary, a chance to catch up, for classes are small and the teachers
understand your difficulties. If you are willing to try, they will do all they can to make your lessons interesting.
Part of the building where the boys have their school
lessons is laid out for science and handiwork of different kinds, and there is also a special hall devoted to drawing, painting,
and modelling.
Every boy has the chance of trying his hand at a variety of jobs before deciding which trade he wishes to follow. When he
has made up his mind he then does his practical work in the specially equipped workshops shown in the pictures.
Before deciding which trade you wish to learn, you will have the chance of trying your hand at several kinds of practical
work in the handicraft rooms attached to the school.



David Tate and Johnny Allen

The Hurdles

Swimming 1964

Dave Blower Keith McSweeny and Johnny Allen
Playing football top field 1964

Cricket 1964

Dave Blower with his Buddy Holly Glasses on
with Johnny Allen in the Science Block

David Tate in Science Block 1964

Bobby Mac in the Gym around the Trampoline

Lots of boys tried their hand at Art

Joe Law in the choir fourth from left


Trevor Davison in the Library

Another picture of the licker

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