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David Blower jnr.

Fred Barnes.

Jimmy James. Pop Steele. Robert Whibley. Angus McGeough.

Tony Angell. (Fairy) Mr. And Mrs. Bob Newton. Bob McNamara. Henry Peete. Paul Walkeden.
Francis John Wood. (Woody) John Sansom. (Sammy ) Jimmy James. John Hunt. John Horn.
Tommy Hill. (Grusome) Peter Drummond. Jimmy Chapman. Brian Perrier. Brian McCarthy.
Robert Pegg. Peter Holdenby. Winston Norton. Alan Sibbons. Bob Cox. Robert Whibley.
Jack Johnson. Jimmy Kennedy.

Guild Messenger


Joan James, and granddaughter Charlotte.
Ellen Perrier, and her mom Anne, and son James.
Brenda Hunt.
Ron Porter.

Many thanks to -

Councillor Peter Ruffles.
Abel Smith Family.
Heather Fogg.
John Wood
(of Waterford)
Hertford Museum.
Hertford Archives County Hall.
Hertford Library.
The Hertford Mercury.
The Telegraph.
Brian Maling Hertford camera club.

Dave Blower (the Quiff) 62-65

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